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Are You... Overwhelmed By All The Hype And Finally Ready To Get Your Internet Business Started?

Listen-In as Armand Morin and his brother Chris take you from the VERY BEGINNING and Teach You
Step By Step
How To Build A Highly Profitable Internet Business - Starting From Scratch - With Absolutely No Experience Whatsoever!

You Will Learn More In 5 Hours Than If You Spent
The Next 2 Years Trying To Do It On Your Own!


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1.) Audio Message From Chris Morin

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From: Frank Deardurff - That One Web Guy
Re: Internet Marketing 101-The Basics

"When I finally figured out how simple this business really is, I couldn't believe how quickly my business grew it seemed almost overnight. I can teach you in a few hours, what Chris took years and years of trial and error." - Armand Morin

You may not know Chris Morin, but you may have heard of his brother Armand Morin. Many of you know, he has been marketing online for quite some time, 7+ years to be exact. I have personally seen him sell millions of dollars worth of products during that time.

Let Chris tell you about a special recording Armand held and why.

Chris flew down to Raleigh, NC some time ago where Armand lives and spent the 7 days learning how to start his own Internet Business. During those 7 days, he was taught step by step on the very basics of Internet Marketing.

You have to understand... Chris knew very little about computers, in fact the most he was able to do was surf the net and email a few friends now and then.

As he started teaching Chris... he was writing notes down left and right. Armand said, "don't worry about it, we will just record the whole thing."

Then it hit him like a ton of bricks...

How many other people are in the exact
same position as I am In?

Are you in that position?

Armand Held a 5 Hour Training Call - Teaching Everything
You Need To Know To Build  A Highly Profitable
Internet Business Starting From Scratch!

It was only supposed to be 2 Hours...
It turned into a 5 Hour High Impact Training Call

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AWESOME! What a teleconference! It far exceeded all my expectations! It was without a doubt the best $97 I ever spent on learning more about Internet marketing for the beginner!

You promised 2 hours for our $97 and then delivered nearly 5 hours! You have raised the bar on the sound business philosophy to "OVER DELIVER" to your customers and clients!

In my experience, most seminars are over-hyped, overpriced and under-delivered. Yours was exactly the opposite in all respects. I was blown away.

I can think of many instances in the presentation where one single lesson you shared was worth far more than $97.

Anyone who doesn't recognize the immediate value of this information simply hasn't spent enough time or money on all the marketing information out there.

I've spent far more and received far less many times!

Your presentation was superb. It's evident that you know your stuff. Your years of experience in the marketing trenches is evident. This isn't something you just learned from someone else or reading about it, this is from your actual experience.

I've often said, "Experience may be the best teacher, but the tuition is far too high!" You simply cannot put a realistic price on learning from the experiences of others like yourself.

There was no fluff and filler and no sales pitch. It was pure, valuable knowledge every newbie needs to hear.

I look forward to anything you have to say or offer in the future.

Take care my friend and keep up the good work. If you're not careful, you're going to give Internet marketers a good name.

Thanks for a wonderful learning experience.

Don Mikrut
The Amazing TPM Wealth Formula (Not active yet)

He has never really gone over this information with anyone at any point or anytime. He started from the very beginning and walks step by step throughout the whole process.

Here is what you will learn in 5 Information-Packed Hours:

  • The true secret about Marketing Online and what it is. Once you learn this, it will all make sense to you and your business.
  • Hosting companies and why it is the biggest hype ever advertised.
  • The 3 things your hosting company must have before you make a commitment to them.
  • Web design and what you need to know about it... Don't worry you won't need to learn HTML and a bunch of other stuff that will waste your time.
  • How to get a web designer for pennies on the dollar.
  • Where to find all the pre-designed websites you could ever want 100% FREE!
  • How to get your hands on the FREE HTML EDITOR he started with and sometimes still use today. You won't be able to get this on the net. I saved a copy from years ago.
  • Why Fortune 500 companies mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to you when you are starting your Internet Business.
  • The key to selling on the Internet and how anyone can do it anytime they want.
  • The number one ingredient to make your product or service sell like hotcakes.
  • Copywriting basics and how you can write your own copy even if you have never written an ad ever in your life. It's not hard and this simple technique will pay for itself over and over.

Thanks for all the basic and
advanced Internet marketing info.

"Although I've been marketing on the Internet for several years, I learned many new ideas to increase the effectiveness and profitability of my website which sells real estate reports and newsletter subscriptions. Your sharing of your $4 million mistake and how you solved it alerted Chris to a problem I would love to have!

Although the call was much longer than promised, it's better to teach too much rather than not enough. I guess that's part of your philosophy of...

"Under promise and over deliver."

Best Regards,

Bob Bruss

Download This Call Immediately!

  • What the best type of product to market on the Internet is and how you can create it in a matter of a few short hours.
  • Learn how one software which costs less than $30 will be your best friend and allow you to create product after product anytime you want to.
  • Why autoresponders are important and how you are losing time and money every single day if you are not using them properly.
  • Autoresponder follow-up systems for sales, prospects and research.
  • The perfect Autoresponder follow-up system and how you can use it in the next few minutes after listening to generate ongoing income for the next 12 months.
  • Popups and if you should us them.
  • What I found out after testing 12 different popups from my websites and how you can benefit from my hours and hours of testing.
  • Graphics and the dangers of using them on the internet.
  • What graphics work and what graphics don't.
  • Automating your sales system - Without automation you will run yourself into the ground. Do you really think Armand and his internet marketing friends really work that hard?
  • How you can create your own sales automation system in the next 30 minutes starting with nothing and sleep knowing your business is taken care of.
  • What to do after the sale.
  • Sales Cycles and why understanding this one concept will skyrocket your business to the next level whether you are new to the Internet or have an existing business.
  • Credit Card Processors - How to find the best credit card processor for your business.
  • Armand's $4,000,000.00 Credit Card Mistake and how you can avoid it.
  • How to put it all together with a game plan you can use for your business and any other business you have in the future.

Whew! That's a lot of information!

"Marketing Basics brought all the pieces
of the puzzle together for Chris..."

Whether you know Armand Morin personally or through an internet medium, you understand quickly that he is a man that can be trusted and the information he provides is the best.

What stuck out in my mind about the Internet Marketing Basics is that an online business is like a puzzle.  You may have all the pieces but until you understand how they all
'fit together', you won't understand how the puzzle works or what it's meant to do.
Armand can be counted on to over-deliver.  He's shown that to Chris time after time.  Marketing Basics brought all the pieces of the puzzle together for Chris and gave Chris the confidence to know that I can do it as well.
Thank you Armand!
Lois M. Jeary

You Need This 5 Hour Training Immediately

When You Are Finished Listening, You Will Know
Everything There Is About Getting Your Business Started -
You Will Be Prepared and Ready For Real Online Profits!

As you can see, you are going to learn everything you need to know about running a successful Internet business and then some.

Let Me ask you a question...

What Would It Be Worth To Truly KNOW What To Do To
Build A Profitable and Long-Term Internet Business and
Be Shown Step By Step From Someone Who Has Done It Successfully Time and Time Again?

I am not talking about a large overly inflated price to get your hands on  this 5 hour training class. Most of you probably would not be able to afford Armand on an hourly basis. He normally charges $475 per hour for one on one personal coaching.

So the 5 hour event would be $2375 if you chose to hire Armand one on one.

He did this 5 hour training class for several reasons, and we really do want to make it affordable so you can get your hands on this much needed information.

Honestly, he could do it for free, but if he simply gave it to you, you will not place any value on it, so we placed a price on it so hopefully you do value the information and use it immediately.

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If you're one of the first 50 people to order today... I'll also include several software products to aid you in your Internet Business absolutely FREE!

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  • FREE Bonus Gift #4 - HTML Editor ($97.00 Value) - This software went out of circulation a few years ago. You are in luck as I saved a copy of the simple to use HTML Editor and you can download immediately.

Ok... so what's the price to get this Valuable Recording?

Download this once in a lifetime recording for only $97.00. This recording is very easily
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Chris learned a lot of valuable must-have information and I am sure you will too.

If you want to get your business turned in the right direction. Don't wait, get your hands on this recording now. Any time you wait, is lost profits for you.

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Best of Success,

Frank Deardurff III
Marketing Online Explained

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